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In worries of the words that you couldn't say if they could've saved them from [entries|friends|calendar]

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[16 Jan 2005|04:26pm]
Vanity, It's looking back, yelling at you. How you appear is a mystery. Stranger, They're getting closer. Awkward and unidentified. Lights shine bright, hidden beneathe a crimson surface. You're unveiled now. A crazy mess. Pleasure;not. Dark Circles around bright blue bloody eyes. Lack of pigment. You're porcelain, breakable. You're nonexistent. What a shock. It's getting clearer. Hold the applause. Sinking; you're ok. Losing features of life. Losing signs of habitance. Deprived; it fits. It's getting worse, unable to tell them apart. It's over now. You're changing now. Preventable; not. Fallen. A quick sweep. They start again. Risen. Never again, you shout. It's over now.
by:Nicolina Ostwald.
This journal IS and will REMAIN;
I do not apply to rating communities which require promoting in applications. I believe that should be done by members. DO NOT INVITE ME TO YOUR COMMUNITY IF PROMOTING IS ON THE APPLICATION.

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